Success Stories


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Bootsie, left at a boarding facility due to a ruptured disc that left her paralyzed after her owners accidentally dropped her, endured over a year in a cage before we were asked to intervene. Upon her arrival at 2hands4paws, weighing twice her ideal weight and with an ill-fitted wheelchair, we immediately initiated her into our "Fat Camp" and provided her with a suitable wheelchair. Daily therapy, including walking in an underwater treadmill and swimming, aimed to improve her comfort though her paralysis couldn't be reversed. Despite this, she embraced her new cart, leading us to establish the "Bootsie Racing" team for mobility-restored dogs, with every recipient of a cart becoming an honorary member. Eventually, a compassionate couple from Washington, grieving the loss of their paralyzed Dachshund, reached out and adopted her, completing their family with a journey from Washington to Los Angeles to bring her home, fulfilling Bootsie's journey with a match made in heaven.

With the support of Code Red K9 Crew, we successfully rescued Sheldon from a high-kill shelter. He initially struggled to walk due to a condition called rickets, but through proper nutrition and physical therapy, Sheldon's health improved significantly, allowing him to run and play like any other puppy. We're delighted to share that Sheldon has now found a loving forever home, and we take great pride in the progress he has made and the happiness he will bring to his new family.

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