USS PUP wants to pay it forward

we understand times are tough and we never want a family to choose between there pets health and their nesecitys. thats why usspup wants to do everything in its power help familys care for there pets  

Pet Assistance Program

    1. Start by filling out the form and we will review your submission 
    2. USSPUP will contact you and ask for more details about how we can help
    3. We help set an appointment for your dog. Your dog gets the medical help they need and USSPUP handles the bill 
    4. As your dog recovers we ask for periodic updates on how your dog's recovery goes  
    5. When your Pawsome best friend is all better we ask if you would be willing to share your story so we can help more families help their pets 
  • USS PUP is dedicated to helping dogs have the happiest lives they can. whether that's assisting dogs to get adopted or helping families give their pawsome best friend a happy life without pain

  • By filling out this form you agree to participate in receiving medical assistance for your dog in exchange for periodic updates on the well-being of your dog's recovery that we may use for motivational content on social media 

    USSPUP reserves the right to refuse submissions for any reason