Our Partners

We’re grateful to partner with some amazing organizations in each of the towns the USS PUP visits!

Helping Happy Pups Find Their Forever Homes

We work with local rescue organizations to understand what they need to increase adoptions and fostering levels as well as hosting an event that will make the rescue pups and their future families happy.


How Does it Work?

The USS PUP has trailers that can dock at your local parks, farmers markets and many more areas to ensure a constant flow of dogs who can be adopted or fostered. For example, if you dock at a park or beach over the weekend and at various farmers markets throughout the work week, you can increase your organization’s visibility and most importantly, get more pups adopted! Any open remaining days could be filled with school visits or anywhere else with high foot traffic.

We’ll provide multiple rescue pups (8 to 9) that are trained in a fun and whimsical environment to ensure a higher level of adoption and fostering. Because the USS PUP is the main attraction at any event, it creates a memorable experience for you, potential dog parents and most importantly, the dogs! In addition to the event, we’ll increase outreach through social media interactions (via live webcams, GPS tracking and an interactive format to get happy pups in happy homes.


Hosting an Event?

We’re ready to help your non-profit organization or animal shelter by providing more volunteers to help create a fun adoption environment with the goal of getting more pups adopted or fostered while increasing awareness opportunities that can lead to more donations. We also provide advertising and social media strategies to ensure your adoption rates stay at an optimal level and continue to rise!

Why Partner With Us

The USS PUP has trailers that will be docked at your local parks, farmers markets and many more areas! This ensures a constant flow of dogs available to be adopted and fostered.

By docking at parks and beaches for 2 days on weekends and at a multitude farmers markets (ie Santa Monica Farmers Market Wed, Saturday and Sunday) throughout the week it helps you increase your visibility and more importantly get more dogs adopted.

The remaining days would be spread amongst schools and anywhere else you may find high foot traffic

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