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Age: 3 Years Old

Breed: English Bulldog/American Staffordshire Terrier

Gender: Male

Gimli is a 3-year-old stout, shorty who loves huggies and snackies like nobody’s business. This little tank of a dog is quite talkative and makes the funniest noises as he’s trying to tell you what’s up. He’s a thick, short, package of pure love just patiently waiting for his perfect forever.



Age: 2 Years Old

Breed: German Shepherd

Gender: Female

Meet Tilly or as we call her Silly Tilly. She is so much fun and will make an excellent buddy. Originally from a shelter in Humboldt County, California, Tilly found her way to us with the help of a dedicated team of animal control workers who drove her 13 hours to LA to prevent her from being put down. As they had no room in their shelter she was slated for euthanasia because she has mild hip dysplasia!!! Crazy. Despite a slightly wonky gait, she’s still active and loves exploring. She is absolutely GREAT with all dogs big or small and she and Suede can spend hours playing with each other. Tilly is a bit shy with strangers until she gets to know them and then she will climb into your lap and give kisses.


Age: 4 Months Old

Breed: Malinois mix

Gender: Male

About Me:

Roy is the cutest little guy. He loves to play with his siblings but also enjoys being around people. He is playful and goofy and is looking for his forever family.


Age: 1 years, 6 months

Breed: Dogo Argentino

Gender: Female

About Me:

Hi, my name is Claire! I am the teeny, tiniest Dogo you will ever see! I was rescued with my three siblings and parents from a severe neglect situation. I was just 23#! But don't worry, I'm happy and loved now in my foster home! I love to play with my Dobie foster sister and jump off things, just to keep my foster mom on her toes! I am a happy go-lucky puppy that loves to play and zoomie but also snuggle in a warm blanket or nap in the sun! I turned one year old in October but act and look much younger, probably because I was not given proper nutrition as a puppy.

I have seen a specialist veternarian called a Cardiologist and have had many tests. The doctors tell me I have a congenital heart defect that will need to be corrected. I know my foster mom and the DC Dogos team are working hard to get me into the appropriate interventionalist to help with this. Because of this heart defect, I likely will never grow as big as my brothers and sisters or other Dogos. I will also likely be limited to how much hard exercise I get a day, just to make sure my heart can keep up!

I am now 30# and sure am happy. I will not be up for adoption until my treatment plan is in place. I love my foster mama and she loves me so it's all good! Please keep checking in on my progress. I might be the world's first pocket Dogo!